Written by: Meagan Yet Foy

Sometimes even the strongest must fall
You just have to know when to let go of it all
The world is too big for one person to save
Against all the horrors and truths she must brave

It’s not giving up or even letting go
The burdens too great, too deep are the woes
Her life in turmoil, the pit of despair
Wanton destruction her soul is now bare

Without cover or shelter, no warmth to spare
It’s the ones that she loves that don’t even care 
She fought with courage but did not prevail
With all that’s against her, how could she not fail?

The light has now vanished; it is gone from her sight
Her hope is now failing and so is her might
She gave up everything, her life and her heart
Her will and her strength from the very start

The world that we live in is simply not just
The greed that rules us is controlled by our lust
She knows what to do and to do as she must
To leave this world and the blood in the dust