Polar Opposites

Written by: Brittany Gentry

Up and Down
Happy and Sad
Sky to the Ground
Ecstatic then Depressed...
I feel like a roller coaster,
On a never ending track.
A smile is more than I can handle
When I feel attacked,
Ignored and Outcasted
Boiling and Frustrated
Just go away,
So I can die inside.
They push me
And shove me
I break and they leave
No one i trust fully with my mind
Because I am used
He wants me there with him
When I want him here with me
I HAVE to be there and he's not here with me
Throwing me over the edge
Into a never ending abyss
Of heartache and depression
I just want to sleep
Never wake up
So I don't have to deal with this
Emotional Turmoil

Craving to be bound by no one
Instead of attached at the hip
I desire freedom and the warmth
Of the world itself
Not JUST another person

I feel like a wolf trying to become human
My heart is too wild to stay "civilized"
My only fault is me drunk off of love
I wish to be sober for once
And to have a limitless life
...But I don't want to hurt him
I gave him my heart and my body
What did I get?
Material things?
I don't know but it's not something I can hold physically
Will I ever know what life has for me
Instead of my internal suffering...