Walk With Me

Written by: Carolyn Dye

See the light before you my Brother dont turn away, dont be afraid.I am here to take you on an eternal journey. Well done my good and faithful servant it's time. Walk with me, my child to the end of the earth.  Your burdens have been laid down. No more tears must you cry, No more pain to bare. Walk with me into paradise. The heavenly chours shall greet you at my command. Walk with me up to the gates of glory. Your job on the surface is finished. close your eyes and rest in peace. Walk with me my son. let us leave our footprints in the sand. Walk with me. in the joy of everlasting life. Walk with me and fill thy cup with the sweet memory of things gone by and the wonders to come. Walk with me my child to meet your wife. Walk with me you both live and love again in heaven's paradise.