What cha say bout my MAMA

Written by: Jesu Johnson

Look at him.
Despecable human being.
I just wish i could,
beat him,
just for breathin'

Lying his way through, life,
like a boxer bobbin' and weavin'

I just wanna beat him for decievin'
like a politician running for office,
buildin' up our hopes,
pretendin' to make our dreams, 
come true,
but whatever you do,
don't believe 'em.

Instead place your trust in me,
cause I come up with a way that no one
could blame,me,
nor put to shame,
any of us, especially me.

As I commence to walk up to him asking five little words,
before the first blow,uppercut,combo
is thrown,
laying him flat upon his back,
as everyone proceeds to laugh, when I ask
What cha say about my Mama????
that puts an end to that drama!!!!