a poem for self contest

Written by: eddie merritt

Take a peek at the mirror what do u see
Something else
Yes a difference from then n now with me
Depleted from activities that increase the cavity of creativity n inspire a reach that can touch the red sea
From ur seat
But what gain did u achieve?
Other than popularity jealousy n hilarity?
Other than the wreckage n mayhem from women who leave their men vacant while u trump through womb n leave it gaping
What is it ur making?
This legacy u want to leave for ur seeds whom r victims of what u reap?
Is it really?
Can't u see what it is that life is doing to u?
Thrown outta ur space into the unusual but ignorant to what its doing to u that's pitiful that ur to clouded to see what's going on with u
Eddie Wrecking Merritt
More like a uffing derelict thats heading this escapade toward the Everglades of throned mistakes
Is that the legacy u want to be perceived.......Peace

Eddie Merritt, 9/29/11, a poem for self contest