Old Clothes New Friends

Written by: Thomas Shibbish

I’m walking down the road With a pocket full of thrills Trying to retrace my steps Striving for something real I’m far away from home What happened to my friends? Where did they all go? I don’t seem to know I don’t really think I care They were never really there When I needed them the most To help me try to cope It pains me to say that I don’t need them I threw away my old clothes for something decent And it doesn’t feel right I made some new friends for a reason I bought some new clothes I wish they could see them And maybe I won’t feel so bad The path that I am on Where it all went wrong Being cooler than cool Soon catches up to you No one seems to know No one seems to care I’m lost with out a map I’m trapped somewhere out here Passing out in the street Like a junkie on TV It’s not what I want It’s what I end up being (/center) ***Thank you poetrysoup.com I've cleaned it up the best I could.***