Living Life

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

Living Life

What if my life changed tomorrow
Or I slept the sleep of death
Would I leave a trail of sorrow
As I struggle for each breath
Would I have time to make amends
To those that I have wronged
And tell my beloved friends
How much I've loved them all along?

What if I should live
But the life that I once knew
Came crashing down around me
And my world was all askew
Would I have the courage
To accept it and go on
Or bemoan my fate forever
Mourning a life that now is gone?

In death you have no choice
As to when it comes to call
In life...there is no timetable
When tragedy will be befall
There are no second chances
In this life that we are living
Now is the only time we have
To be loving and forgiving

Live each day completely
As though it were your last
Cherish each and every moment
For life goes by too fast

Copyright©2004 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)