What then is Life and Why

Written by: Terrell Martin

Before the Big Bang brought star dust 
To the interstellar scene
It must have been something like 
An unfathomably immeasurable self-inducing 
Divinely driven dream machine.
Mind forming matter as imagination 
Up the ladder 
Rungs of time;
Step by step and star by star
Unfolding Love sublime. 
Reaching out, emanating
From the center of All meaning;
Building blocks of trees and rocks 
More beautiful than being.   Born again 
Out of ashes
When fire filled the air
And all we knew was something drew
Us to life somewhere. 
Out of clay or the primordial egg
So the ancient stories subscribe
Old Adam and Eve and the snake in the tree
And history's first truth or dare or lie.  
What then, is life and why?
Could it be the unquenchable thirst for knowledge 
Hidden or forgotten throughout time?
Our inner connections to the Cosmic 
Creation, that set in motion every ocean 
And notion left to find?
Life is a living, dying, loving, lying
Uplifting, lowdown axe to grind.
With every minute of every breath
We suck in deep to breath
All the space, ideas and feelings,
Hopes, wants, cares and needs.  
And the long armed quest for nobleness
And the chance to reach deep realms, 
As Jason and the Argonauts were seeking 
Secrets in themselves. 
Down in the waves and dark filled caves
Where memories are never devoured;
Life is a terribly wonder-filled trip
Filled with heroes, 
                And the beautiful 
                            Wild flowers.