Cold Winter Mornings

Written by: gautami phookan


When dawn rubs his sleepy eyes
To wake and there is 
Frost upon the ground,
Jonathan, the farm boy tumbles 
Out of his warm snug bed
And icicles hang 
From the roof brown.

The latch feels cold 
And numb in the dark.
Grey light creeps in
Mingling, with the dimness within.
Behind it rushes in
The cold air
Freezing the pale skin.

Putting the kettle to boil,
He shakes his stubborn 
Legs that won't stir.
Warm breath on his fingers he blows,
Picks the milking pail 
And to the barn he goes.


6th place in the contest
Written by Gautami Phookan
For the contest: "In 24 Hours"
Sponsored by nette onclaud