Daily 36 Alone in bed

Written by: Autumn Ehrhardt

A digital clock makes no click,
But when waiting for my husband
I can swear I hear it tick.

I can’t sleep though work awaits,
But when midnight stares back,
An alarm won’t negotiate.

Why do I care? I have my own life to live!
But when the tossing and turning twists,
I have an angry phone message to give.

And you can all guess that goes off well,
But when you’re so riled up and sad,
You tell your dear one, “Go to hell.”

Then the wait the descent
 Hear every car pass away
  The worry and the fret
   Am I so easy to forget?
     Should I call once again 
      I am sure he heard it
       Now I am pinned.
        There is sure to be a fight,
          It is already way past midnight.
           What about work and the day,
            Never mind, I’ll make him pay.

I close my eyes and breathe deep,
But when you are worried,
It’s too hard to sleep.