Written by: Terrell Martin

The numinous process of parthenogenesis 
Occurs when part of a plant 
Falls to the ground 
And without a sound begins sprouting 
Another plant, completely and distinctly anew.

Or is it really
The extension of life of the mother plant
Whose earthly days are numbered 
In terms of photosynthesis, 
Cells, stems and leaves?
Parthenogenesis means life 
Should never need to grieve.

It’s a never ending story of garden glory 
To those fortunate few
Plants and other creatures renewed
By unseen forces that emanate and bathe them in the beauty of
Living-dying eternal bliss.

Perhaps we humans could learn a little
Something from the vegetable patch in that
We’re all links of the eon’s long chain
That keeps on keeping on 
Regardless of places, dates, fortunes or fame.
I don’t know much about anything at all 
But I do know parthenogenesis 
Is another interesting twist in God’s great game.