poems for couples in love

Written by: duncan ceizar chappell

poem for couples in Love 

what Good if you're like the moon ... 
that wherever i go  can see you . 
Or perhaps it was like the sun ... 
it warms my heart wherever I go. 
Your kiss could be infinite and still 
never more beautiful finish. 
Your beauty as the only remaining stars 
when the night goes on. 

Come rain wets my face, 
I remember the taste of your honey taste, 
eye of the window I see a garden. 
I'm going to the beach later that fall wonder, 
the wind behind your perfume of vanilla, 
as if the sea is broken only for me. 
I will get entangled among their hair 
sleep with you away your nightmares. 
And when the sun will be a reach, being only a 
Being an only .. 

of ceizar for my husband duncan te amo