One Night Stand

Written by: ChiquitaChiamaka Baity

90 down the expressway and I’m handling this stick 
I am the true definition of a ride or die chick

Changing lanes, swerving in and out of traffic
Head in your lap, and I’m working my magic

Doing things to you that you’ll never forget
I thought I told you from the start that I’m an exhibitionist

You can take me anywhere, I don’t care who sees
Say you want it now and I will fall to my knees

I don’t care who’s watching, I hope they enjoy the show
Mind blowing sex like this, they will never know

The original Mrs. Nasty, Janet stole that name
I enjoy it nice and slow, but I thrive off the pain

Take a hit of me, and I’ll control your mind
Believe me when I tell you, I am one of a kind

I don’t want your money; keep your diamonds and pearls
Not a gold digger, a money sniffer, I’m not a material girl
I just need a Mandingo warrior who can rock my world

I am not the quiet type. I’ll loudly scream and shout.
I dont want to make love, just tryin' to get my back blown out

I don’t want to be your baby’s momma; you can keep the baby carriage
I’m not trying to lock you down; I don’t want your hand in marriage

This is just a booty call, a sexual relationship
Please don’t get too clingy, I don’t want your commitment

I might call you Papi, when I need a helping hand
Or I may not call you at all. This was just a one night stand