There's a fine line between

Written by: Sarah Casey

Post-heart break
and it sinks in.
I try to convince you,
but it's too late.
Too late for trying
too late to change my mind-
cause it's you that I want
and you I think of
when I blink,
or sleep.
But you tore me in half,
gave me your word
and I believed you
oh how I believed you.
You twisted your head,
mind began manipulating
and as I drowned in my own guilt-
because falling for you was default
you caught me in mid-air
unaware it could happen so fast
then you kissed my cheek goodbye-
no explanation.
Only the knots that clenched my lungs
and the throbbing of drenched eyes-
a thunderstorm inside,
mask to decline the assumptions
there's a fine line between love and hate