Clever Criminal

Written by: Sarah Casey

You keep your heart clamped-
chained up 
with a missing key-
because you threw it 
beneath the rutty soil,
earth's forgotten treasure-
beneath the spell-cast water
where you can breath
and keep the stepping stones apart,
not afraid to run ahead-
knowing she'll trip-
chasing your fragile cleverness-
but she doesn't know where it begins
she doesn't know you took her heart,
you took many.
And each on their own stone-
some half sunk
some drilled the core with hatred
but one a step behind you,
and you glance behind a smile-
your sweet sacred, distinct smile.

And then you take a leap before you,
find the next victim,
leaving me, 

Yet this all happened before,
you clever, clever criminal.

Genius or Criminal?