Written by: Carolyn Dye

Suicidal thoughts in my head telling me to come to my new bed. i see a coffin before my eyes calling whispering in my ear. "Child come closer you have nothing to fear." Suicide creeps up on me late at night while I'm sitting and planning on how to take my life. No one will miss me I'm such a fool I broke the most important rule. Suicide says never fall in love never shed a tear, man will think you weak and use it dear. Suicide I believe you're right I've loved and in turn lost the fight. Suicide whispers silent in the night" Come my child release the chain from life." I begin to walk to the edge I stop and think I'm dead! I can turn back if I choose i live if I really want too! Suicide is afraid I've changed my mind so he runs, ducks, and hides. In the end God has shown me the light. Suicide is another chapters closed in my life.