The Battle of Milvian Bridge

Written by: Terrell Martin

An arrow pierced my beating heart 
While deep in rapt repose;
Waking me from my memories 
Of Milvian Bridge I suppose.

It struck straight in my aorta 
Bludgeoning me to death;
Until I woke up sweetly praying
Underneath my dying breath.

I could hear the shouts of anguish
Desolation, mortal pain;
Brought upon us one and all
From our great king, Constantine. 

Who came to fight Maxentious,
Roman Emperor of renown;
The lines were drawn and dies were cast:
Brave men were going down. 

We forty thousand troops from Gaul 
Headed straight away towards Rome;
And when we reached the River Tiber 
A flaming cross was shown.

High up in the royal rafters where
The Savior rose from His grave, 
Our king declared allegiance there 
And Christianity was made.  

While we fought like men and brothers
Bleeding buckets to the bones;
And when the fight was finally over
My thoughts returned to home. 

All in my sweet slumber
While waking from this dream;
An arrow pierced my beating heart
Once again, or so it seems.