i told you so

Written by: audrey castaneda

They told me so 
But I could'nt face the truth 
Because I believed in you 
Dust is dust 
Ashes are lying on the floor 
I started to hurt every second more 
I feel betrayed 
All the stuff I told you 
Means No more 
I speak 
While your face drops to the cold floor 
A voice in my head says 
I told you so 
I told you so 
I told you so 
I told you so 
I told you so it said softly 
It hurts when you 
Lose a very close friend or buddie 
Over nothing 
I fell to the ground for a moment 
But now all the pain is gone 
There just a memory now 
Even though I cared about you 
Had the most respect for you 
It's time for you to go 
So be Gone!