Written by: Terrell Martin

Location is no limitation
For the feeling of being alone;
It can strike anyone, anytime, any place 
From crowded streets to house and home.
Loneliness is a monotonous languor
That penetrates the bones.

Creeping in like a slithering snake 
From the garden of discontent;
Consuming our minds of worthwhile time 
Twisting hearts likes spoons well bent.
Loneliness means we’re quite severely spent.

When nothing remains in the coffers
And the wishing well’s run dry;
Stabbing the veins ‘till nothing remains  
But sharp needles in the eyes.  
Loneliness is a long hard road to ride.  

Only time and love can reverse the feeling
Of being left out in the cold;
With nothing to wear but pure despair
Of losing one’s very soul.
Loneliness makes the youngest heart grow old.

It’s a battle that's been raging forever
Since man first walked upright;
He fights it some days more than others
And often times late at night.
Loneliness is a brutally bitter bite.

Until the war winds shift
Like a God-sent gift
Bringing someone to hear our prayer;
Loneliness is a ferocious fight 
That’s never fair.