Written by: Manoj Kumar

I soar above the world with effortless ease
My movements sublime, my heart at peace
Gliding gently, watching the world go by
I am a mighty bird, and I fly high

I have a brood in my nest, to which I always return
Ensuring food on the table, security, protection
The brood stays satiated, warm and dry
But I am a mighty bird, I have to fly

In my search for food, I travel through many lands
Land of Kings and Pharaohs and magic wands
In one such land I saw you, Oh! Angel of mine
With a smile so true and eyes that shine

Through those eyes of yours into your soul I peered
All my feelings, my emotions, towards you they steered
I flew into your arms, to tell you my thoughts and what I desire
That’s when I remembered, I am a bird, I have to fly

I am a mighty bird and I fly high
As I soar into the heavens, after bidding you good bye
I see a small river, shining just like your eyes
I land next to it, and I cry, and I cry

I cry because I need you, but my brood needs me too
And I have responsibilities, duties to do
But your eyes keep looking into my heart so deep
And it pokes me raw, makes me bleed

I sit by the river watching the drops flow by
Glistening like little pearls, reminding me of your eyes
Eyes that tell me to soar again into the sky
Be a fearless bird, and fly high

As I fly back to my nest, the air seems dense
My speed reduces due to my heart’s burden
But I know there is no way, but ahead, for me
Back to my own nest, my own tree

But I see you everywhere, wherever I look
Giving me strength to stand by the decisions I took
And the resolve to again launch into the sky
To be a mighty bird, to fly high