i have to let go
of things i use no more
past papers of rough drafts
bottles of perfumes
devoid of their scents
pairs of shoes
I've grown too old for
i have to let go
of things i use no more

give them out
burn them up
clean my closet ASAP
throw things away
that have no place to stay

and things i cant have
unrequited love
unrealistic goals
he thousand and one things
in my to do lists

one bullet at a time
one task then the next
I've to push aside
those that merely fill my desk

I'm clearing my dish
i think I'll just have
a small chicken wing
chocolate dessert or something
and maybe
a glass of wine
these i can trust
not to upset my digestion

one door closes
another opens
i have to let go
of necessary losses
for new horizons
tangible expectations

that's how life goes