Echoes of distrust

Written by: Gamaliel Ogunlaja

You filled my life with emptiness
When You left me in my distress
all i needed was your company
but all you left me with was tragedy

You entered my life aright
but you left in my discomfort's daylight
How cruel and capricious of you of Girl!
You took away my every pearl

You sank my ship of trust
When you duped me to the dust
You injected my soul with grief
when you left me on a french leave

You were my angel, my nurse, my all, my sun
but you caressed my wallet till it was gone
You left my wholesome heart shattered
and my crispy pocket tattered

Now I am figure without a reflection
Am suddenly a night without the stars
And though you left me with my voice, you took away its power
When you killed my trust on the field of love