the casual pageantry of madness

Written by: andrew delapruch

standing at the top of the staircase 
closing the eyes & arms out wide
fallen in love with the casual pageantry of madness
the one & only
the love that will not leave
the you that will not cease to be &
tumbling backward laughing
out & out into the open air
back bouncing down the ridges
without a care
bones ricocheting
bruises purpling & all coming to the surface of the skin
this is how you begin again.

so who was it that said that being normal was cool?
what again is normal, but following rules?
the status quo (piss, yellow in the snow)
writing your name in it for all the world to see
(and still staying within the lines)---

madness invites
madness comforts
madness kisses on the lips
madness will not cheat
madness will not steal from you
it only beckons that you
take from those that insist that they are
right in every way.

walk with caution because the self-righteous
slink around on the ground in their slithery snakeskin
amongst us---
the best that one can do is don your steel toed boots &
grind them into the ground
when they come to town.