Written by: kristen bruni

I may not see shadows
and barely remember pain.
What is real to me is our last dance
in juggle rain. 

You were gone away in a silent land
and I also frozen in time. 
It could have been the ultimate night
but for fate is wasn't our time. 

Equal hurt through all the years
that have past since then. 
I dream if you remember
our eyes commiting sin?  

The same things thought with no need of speech
Silent babble without need of meaning.
If you know who you are
Do you recall Chateau as our ceiling?

While I may still wear green dresses
without knowing exactly why. 
One thing for sure I possess
Is a celtic name and pride. 

Dismantling people from each other
seems phenomenal to me.
If fate brings two together 
Why shouldn't they be free?

Do we really have free will
to navigate our lives?
Or are the angels watching us
Keep up searching for that fall?

(SOFt Sensuality by Kristen bruni)