The Cold Gray

Written by: Richard Pickett

September, in Iowa, The Cold Gray
ere, we wish for one more day,

Our bittersweet romance with Summer heat
ere, the return for, The Cold Gray,

October, a brief respite of Autumn Hue
ere, brought on by the Cold Gray,

dropping lower yet to Earth
ere, smothered by, The Cold Gray,

December, tears of white ice, softly fall
ere, cried by the sorrow, of the Cold Gray,

A blanket of white, covers the fields
ere, made bitter, by the Cold Gray,

May, the Heavenly golden orb appears
ere,the imposition, of the Cold Gray,

Seedlings and saplings, their nourishment needs
ere, suckled, by the breast, of the Cold Gray,

July, Mid Summer heat, dry, searing
ere, be the longing for, the Cold gray,

I walk, upon the cracked, scorched Earth
ere, a Cyclone, descends from the Cold Gray,

August, early morning sun, heats my veins
ere, the return of the Cold Gray.

 What does this Poem refer to? tell me.

Copyright @ 2011 by Richard d Pickett  The Original Taz,....