Written by: Natasha Thandie

Abort the decisions, 
Abort the life, 
Abort the feeling, 
Of staying alive. 

Give up everything, 
Things I can't take, 
Give up on you, 
Our life we can't make. 

Then I know, 
I have to tell you, 
The feelings I get, 
The scare it takes, 
The scare to know, 
I won't be so lucky next time. 

What's the definition of a survivor? 
Does surviving only mean escape from death? 
Or is it any situation that you can get out of? 

How is it that you win, 
But feel like a loser? 
How is it that you pass, 
But feel like the one standing behind? 
How do you survive and don't at the same time? 

How do I ask myself over and over 
But never get a reply?