If I Could Reach Across the Miles

Written by: Terrell Martin

If I could reach across the miles 
I’d be reborn with just your smile
Looking straight into my path
Finding you alone at last.

In our secret place of rendezvous
Where time and space are old and new
You and I will thus converge
As if two atoms split were merged.

Above the clouds and down in the flowers
I’d find you any place or hour.
Down in Juarez or out in Spain
The Mojave Desert where it never rains.

The cold North Pole or Italian Alps
At the old Grand Canyon I’d surely shout.
To you out there with the long dark curls 
And eyes like stars that shine like pearls.

Sitting by Old Man River
Watching it wander to the sea
With flowers all around on the green grass ground
Patiently waiting for me.

Knowing my arrival means both our survival 
As birds can’t live without wind;
We’re one complete mind 
You’re rhythm I’m rhyme, 
I’ll find you my dear, sweet friend.