Jackson,Spike and the Haunted House

Written by: Richard Pickett

Jackson the Pug and a Squirrel named Spike
went trick or treating on Halloween,
when the came to the old house on Mortimer street
and they swore they had heard a scream,

That vacant old house, for fifty some years
surrounded by mystery,
with an odd widows walk, and a Great Horned Owl
who was hooting in an old craggy tree,

Jackson looked over at Spike and said
" that old place doesn't scare me",
"it's just an old house,where nobody lives"
"really! how scarey can it be",

Up the old path, they walked on moss covered stone
it was like walking into a bog,
when all of a sudden, hundreds of eyes
glowing red, through a thickening fog,

The closer they got, to that old Haunted House
the more ominous was the sight,
on that old porch, Jackson reached for the door
when there came a most terrible fright,

The creaky front door, opened all by itself
an eerie voice, neither wanted to hear,
" step inside" said the voice, if both of you dare
and I'll show you the meaning of fear",

Jackson took Spike, by his little Squirrel paw
they stepped inside, and not all to smartly,
lights suddenly lit, came a raucous roar
they walked into a Halloween Party,

Everybody was there, all of their friends
it was such a fine sight to see,
Rowdy Raccoon, and Virginia the Mouse 
Callie the Calf, look there's Buddy and Baily

The party went on for an hour or so
when they all had to quickly retreat,
the lights all went out, an apparition appeared
in the Haunted House on Mortimer Street.