Excruciating time of toture, as i try 
to find the cause .

seeking in me any stains to blame 
for our failures ,yet at the chunning 
bell of the clock

the rosy petals fell , like a smooth 
brush kiss on my chicks, the tickle in 
my tummy

behold your presence, a fragnant of 

so dear to me ,

you smiled standing there by my 
very side.

i recall a few days later ,the early 
hours of dawn when the chunning 
bell of the clock rang ,and i in 
childish glee

ran towards the promising bloom of 
our anticipated dreams ,expecting 
you in time to depart.

though time passed ,with i in the 
sentencing silence that marked our 
very end, i awaited with hope.

though the sun rose with the light 
exposing our trail of both love and 
deciet .

Deep with the blame i sank fading 
further and further away from the 
sanctuary of our love.

Though in love defeated, here i 
stand with a new restored courage

knowing what my soul seeks .

knowing that at the chunning bell of 
the clock, as the rosy petals fall

what my heart desires is love

love, Oh! so infectiously bourne ,

in eyes so luminous with promise.

tis from those i saw my heart

tis truelly her ,one whom i call LOVE 
!!!!!!! .