Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" WildWind " This wind does howl with glee it so seems~ 'Cross me bows & alongst me beams~ Wild abandon seems so such her realm~ Challengin' now to stand fast at me helm~ Aaarrrgh! Says me to this wind o'wild sea~ Drat yer random gusts & whirls gallantly~ Sail we will through & through such you send~ Our sails & spars you're tempted to rend~ HarHo! We go! Wild as yourself~ Faster than even a mighty winged elf~ For so you now see we do love such a glee~ As that which is given by wind & wild sea~ Down blue waves & up to white clouds~ Such whirlin' wind as does shake back our shrouds~ Yet stand fast we shall & hold her helm well~ That all must hear just one great ship's bell~ For 'tis true upon blue & oceans so grand~ Such as found now may be ne'er o'land~ Only 'twas that which had us a'fright~ 'Twas thought o'sailin' seas we ne'er might~ Now we feel your grand tempest abate~ What so then did you thus create~ Naught but a shiver at back o'me neck~ Blow again wildwind~ Blow 'cross me deck~ SeaWolf ©