Written by: Stephan McBride

In the womb God creates all
we where surrounded by walls in the dark
the voice of the mom and dad
is taken notice of in this time
when placing a light
on the outside wall creates a response to get excited
trying to get to where the light source is coming from
when the child is born 
to see the reaction of the newborn 
to pick out their mom or dad 
by their voice in a crowd is amazing
seeing the world for the first time
the love and peace that can be seen in the eyes is astonishing
From then we shall grow observing as time passes
In my case my lack of knowledge was slowly 
building walls around me to trap me in the dark
trying to trick me into thinking this world was it
taking away the love and peace that once was seen in my eyes
creating the lining of walls with lies and deception
through all this I heard my Lord speaking to me
breaking through the walls giving light to lead me out
I shall recognize the call of the Lord
Once listening to the Lord all started to become clear
teaching me to separate and lose fear
like being born again 
seeing the world for the first time
hearing the Lords voice like never before
busting through the walls
seeing the full light, engulfing it all in
trying to figure out how I never saw this taking place
The Lord is the way to lead you home
to break down those walls to set you free
so you can not be surrounded and trapped by walls again
for one shall see the walls coming at them and knock them down
by the power of the blood
Now with the Lord their to guide
bringing back the love and peace felt within
and a new vision to illuminate the truth