Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" SouthWind " 'Twere it surely a wind from sultry hot south~ She which 'twere cause for all this night's play~ That wind which lifted drink to my mouth~ What may this be.... the Devil ye say! Nay & nay ne'er again~ Shall I sail such dastardly winds~ Ne'er I'll mind nor e'er so when~ That wind which prevails as kin to my sins~ Tossed as a cork in a sea of tumult & fire~ Energy aloft at topmasts & rigging~ Sent helter-skelter willy-nilly so dire~ Thus such wind did so cease to expire~ Further & longer then my ship did so fly~ North to those icelands & into frozen seas~ Faster & swifter she sails by & by~ Into those realms of lost sailor's pleas~ Now does this ice mountain afloat at my bow~ Seek to restrain me from that which must be~ 'Twere as though 'twere known well & by all~ My ship & so I... must sail this sea~ 'Round swings that needle... her card of no worth~ Southwinds so wishing to speed me along~ 'Round my ship sails those regions of warmth's dearth~ Into latitudes from whence springs such thus so strange song~ 'Twere it only that wind 'twere cause o'it all~ Might be found that I'd ne'er mind it at all~ Yet innocence ne'er a kindred spirit o'mine~ 'Twere truth to be known.... 'tis the Devil pays out my line~ Southwinds do blow now from verily astern~ Gaze as I must now look to the white~ Lost forever those warm breezes I now learn~ Wandering frigid seas so seems now my plight~ Oh how I long for that palm or lemon tree~ Those sands which once warmed me from deep under my keel~ Yet surely I am befuddled by age or this sea~ For ne'er a'fore had I e'er such a feel~ 'Tis as 'twere so long long ago~ A time I'd forgotten & forsaken so~ Those days of Southwinds which did across my bows blow~ From whence I had come & should e'er ne'er again go~ SeaWolf ©