Ship of Doom

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Ship of Doom " Ship of doom so sailed to sea ~ Dark her course... 'twas meant to be ~ Into seas this great ship sped ~ Her past... her history... of naught but dread ~ O'er those waves her bows did'st cleave ~ Her memories... but silken webs to weave ~ Thunder on her decks was heard ~ Yet sailors aboard spake no word ~ For ship such as she was doomed thus so~ Gone north into winds then fierce a'blow ~ Down her bows crept steadily then ~ None to know which verse thus then ~ For rime was abound on her decks those days ~ Yet aloft was fire seen from her stays ~ Off afar from crow's nest was hailed ~ As below in her belly that crew did bail ~ For her planks ridden with dark worm & rot ~ Such ship did'st sail from whence known not ~ Far corner o'globe she ran from ever ~ Home her port seen oft yet never ~ Equator her line of happenchance ~ Capricorn her thought yet not her stance ~ Now she sails a spars a'glisten ~ A'deck her men all a'listen ~ Now speaks thus such sorrowful ship ~ With voice akin to crackin' o'whip ~ Hail! Ye Lads.... heartily all ~ Sail we've had & such so a'ball ~ Now deep down Davy Jones' way ~ I'm thus bound this cold north day ~ My sprit I drive now into next wave ~ Darkness & silence I do now crave ~ Gone from me now pleazure o'sound aloft ~ For me hull is naught but now gone soft ~ I'll seek that bottom at sea's very depths ~ Were there I'll find my wager thus kept ~ With devil I’ve played throughout these years ~ Now I’ll so lay to rest all such fears ~ Sail with me now lads & lasses bold all ~ Into realms which di'dst us then enthrall ~ Gone only now our fine spark & fire ~ Quenched so by life's sodden quagmire ~ Off now go we & heads look a'forard ~ To see what 'twas behind & now not toward ~ Rocks... reefs... depth’s sandy shoals ~ These so now our woe begotten goals ~ So to break up these planks hath caused me to live ~ For as ship o'the main I was once known to give ~ Now all such gone with wild sea's winds ~ As now my time... mirrors death's sins ~ Down down down do I speed ~ In need o'sleep... dark do I need ~ Run now quickly from my decks so I say ~ Or with me in devil's depths ye shall play ~ Bouzouki in hand I now last am at rest ~ For with song always I have been best ~ Tsifteteli my dance so join me now so ~ For life is naught that which e'er we'll know ~ SeaWolf ©