Sailor's Song

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Sailor's Song " We set our sails so we did as if to run so free~ For so 'twere such that we should be whate'er we might be~ We sailed well down 'cross that line where climate is so fine~ We sailed e'en there where was no such very fun or time~ So we sailed each day & each & every dawn~ Each dusk our thoughts a'new another course did spawn~ Yet ne'er 'ad we sailed a'sea o'time o'all a'gone~ For then this of that is such we sing this so windblown song~ Of seas & sailors all a'muck & time yet gone all wrong~ All 'ave done & danced well down with mirth 'mongst silly throng~ For those that sail now these seas o'time well spent back~ Yet not one seems to know to please on any given tack~ 'Til all 'as been naught but dream o'times long well since gone~ For all 'ad sailed those seas of yore & spent such time so won~ We'd sailed down & crossed that line where man should ne'er go~ We'd seen such winds as ne'er could imagination e'en blow~ Far off lands & seas o'green did us so then enthrall~ For to us yet 'twas a task ever then so set for all~ We'd sail for nuaght but which wild winds did so then prevail~ We'd sail well down under that which caused most all to pale~ So then thus we all did find that which was o'mind~ A sea o'grace & kindly face o'different sort o'kind~ We'd done our best to sail that crest o'swells hard a'sea~ Yet 'ad we known all along we were destined to just be we~ We who love the sea & salt & splendor o'that wave~ For 'tis that which some say we shall find ourselves an early grave~ Yet we who ken such things a'sea know such will ne'er be~ For no earthen plot shall e'er serve a true sailor o'wild sea! SeaWolf ©