Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Return " One calm and windless night far far off at sea~ With nothing but stars far above and a deep sea below~ No living soul at my side or for company~ The great winds of the North did begin to blow~ The rigging whistled at a high fever pitch~ The decks became wet with salt and the sea~ The course that I steered was whose I knew not which~ Only of this I was certain ~ The direction had not come from me~ My bows were aimed at a point along on the horizon~ My sails filled with forces of tumultuous wild wind~ My ship lay well over pushing along her many ton~ The wind now became familiar as if she were of kin~ Up from beneath the waves suddenly there came~ A sound of such great beauty and calmness within~ As though an old friend had arrived yet I knew not her name~ In only a moment I sensed a place I had long ago been~ For as the soft sound of this Siren fell upon my ears~ And the waves grew higher and the winds carried her voice~ Instantly I realized I had no longer any fears~ And most of all knew that for this SeaWolf there was no choice~ With a wild and tumultuous flash from above the tall mast~ Came down to the decks that which forever I had craved~ A feeling which had remained until this day a thing of the past~ Yet something from within me knew that it had forever been saved~ Sharalee Lorelei took so gently my rough hand in hers~ And slowly we slid under the winds and then beneath the waves~ Down through the greens and blues until all was just a blur~ Then was I aware that I at that moment had that which I craved~ A moment of peace and a calmness from within~ A touch of such great warmth and gentleness so fine~ A feeling all around that did make my head spin~ A knowledge at last that truest love now was mine~ We continued together deep down to the Ocean's floor~ And upon our arrival drifted toward a great door~ Sharalee simply held me close and gently did she sigh~ And I rested my hand upon her soft inner thigh~ Before us was an explanation ~ the answer to all this~ For we had arrived once again at her home of Atlantis~ Now to continue and relax with a great feeling so fine~ Within us the love that would remain for all of time~ SeaWolf ©