Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Mirror " On days some rare without care, We find ourselves thrown down. With naught nor clue of dawn's fresh dew, In mirror of lake see we our frown. Yet given chance or happenstance, Time though's lost on us. For ever shall we thus so see, Life as but drawn misery. To us there be no laugh nor frolic, No glee no smile nor dream well slept. To us 'tis but tragedy born of infant colic, Thus we live our lives to be naught but tears well wept. We are they you find today with smile for all to see, Yet hind doors shut we've darkest realm of head bent low on knee. Depths disclosed mirth a pose, 'Tis this our path we chose. Tears shed with utter dread, Life is but for us gone dead. We are they whose memories are of days long since gone, Ne'er we think nor do we sing life's soft rhythmic song. For to us all is dark as so does stand our thought, For e'er wish had we such chance life had only bought. SeaWolf ©