Mayhap By Chance

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

" Mayhap By Chance " If we could mayhap by chance~ Think o'that which would us please~ Might we then begin a dance~ Such o'which could lovers tease? Certainly 'tis o'mind so clear~ As do we envision~ That o'which we all hold dear~ Love as life's soul mission~ So 'tis with clarity bold~ I'll now rime in manner old~ O'that which thrives deep in my breast~ O'love so dear 'tis world's fine best~ Ah~ now so I do find~ That once love hath entered my mind~ Such rime & reason escapes me so~ As do those winds when north they blow~ Thus so may be that this rime~ Shall be but naught a moment in time~ O'which I've spent in thought so well~ For time's well spent when in love I dwell~ SeaWolf ©