Hide Me In Hell

Written by: Johnny Sumler

Hide me in hell, not long, less I'll be wait...
Unto her whispers and cursed crooked floors
'Twas many a year ago when I was eight
That I traveled beyond my darkest tours

A game of hide and seek dost children play
To catch me, nay, yet of horror I hid
Inside a house whose atmosphere was grey
As if the dead that died left work undid

This night the moon rose high on sober skies
And I the victor, bravery, not found
But soon my hair would rise from eerie eyes
Approaching fast without touching the ground

The walls had whispered woes as the stairs screamed
After my feet with violence bruised the wood
Dare not to die or dare something I've dreamed?
In darkness, a pale girl glowed lack of blood

Tremors to me, oh bedroom bathed in gloom
And she the girl who hearkens haunted hell
Where chandeliers and ghostly portraits loom
Entwined with spiderwebs and clocks that knell
Holding her lifeless hands through rooms I dwell

To hide from thee that seek, ay, 'twas the goal
Yet here this haunted house has hid my soul
Whose cracked windows are cries that scratch the glass
Though time has died, by that same house I stroll
Watching that young girl cry when my steps pass

Johnny Sumler
A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem, Please