This skin I'm in

Written by: Carolyn Dye

This skin I'm in is colored by birth. has seen it share of scars inside and out. those scars determined my clout as both a woman and a human being. this skin I'm in was beat by men who claimed they loved me but no doubt did it to prove they could destroy or break my spirit and my worth. This skin I'm in has been loved by few, hated by many. this skin I'm in has been tortured by society's way of thinking am I prety enough, small enough, sexy enough? to find the right kind of man. This skin I'm in makes me scream in the mirror because of all the shame for things i've done to hurt. Black woman's blues is the same. this skin I'm in with the full breasts and nice behind other sisters walk by and think my shape and curves are a crime. My testimony to all my body flaws. this skin I'm in is not for me to br ashamed of but to embrace. for this skin i'm in my crown and glory. this is the skin i'm in.