I Survived the Storm - May 24th 2011

Written by: Tom Wright

The day started
as a breeze without tracks
in the dew of a fresh mowed lawn;

But days come without warranty,
of things starting right,
remaining that way;

For soon after sunset
this breeze had metamorphosed
into a locomotive,
following a northeasterly path,
its only tracks, were of devastation in its wake;

Dawn, brought with it, sightseers,
and of course, a feeding frenzy of Shad
seeking cash for services,
from the aftermath of this great wind;

The area,
now resembled a war zone,
absent of bodies,
and for this I was thankful.

Then, God put a rainbow in the sky,
above Church steeple;
Was this His way of saying, time is short,
to His people?