Written by: James Chenevert

Tender were her hands,
the ones that put me to sleep each night.
Tender were her arms,
that protected me from fright.
Tender was her heart,
that always cared for me,
whenever each day was done.
Tender was the love she gave to me,
her precious little son.
Tender was her wisdom,
that guided me through and through.
She taught me how to become a man,
sincere, humble, and true.
Tender is her memory,
that comes to me each day.
My heart is sad and lonely,
since she's gone away.
Tender, it is a word that is used by many a man,
But to give it true meaning, it seems no one can.
To me this word is a deep feeling,
I can use no other. For how can anyone decsribe,
a dear departed Mother.