Olas From The Niger To Debbie Guzzie

Written by: Joseph Osita

From the distance shores of the Niger
I have come, O good friend 
With glittering 'Ola ocha and ola edo' from our ancient river
As precious presents to you my good friend

From the treasury fold of my grandfather
O friend, I brought these these olas in honor of our friendship
 As time's feet crawl and crawl little further
O friend I pray the sea of life spares your sailing ship

Here from the dark hole of my oil-rich black field 
O friend I wire prayers across the Atlantic Ocean
As your birthday balloons dance in the open field
O friend may God package more glorious years with passion 

Dedicated to Debbie Guzzie. 
Note: ola ocha and ola edo are silver and gold in Igbo tribe in West Africa
Niger is the biggest river in Nigeria 
I have said this before and must continue saying it. Among the wonderful people on earth Deb is the best. This is the least I can offer on her birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!