Written by: Esson Alumbugu

Surely there's a stream 
where I can set 
A depth where my strokes 
are not a big 
My feeble frame thus never 
out of place
And my troubled ways 
sleeping in a nest.

Surely there's a cave where 
I can find peace
A sheltered space with none 
to let a hiss
My fearful mind thus never 
out of ease
And my twisted speech 
never kills a kiss.

Surely there's a heart 
where I can find love
A warm embrace where my 
touch is enough
My doubtful mind thus never 
in the rough
And my stunted hope 
sheltered in a cove.

Surely you can be where my 
long search 
The very spot where my big 
shield drops
My sickly heart exposed 
and very raw
For you to water, for me 
true growth know.