Freedom In A Frame

Written by: Ingibo Benson

Once I saw a lovely frame
Rough and Tumble was its name
It was a captured moment of freedom
A moment of nature at its peak.

I saw the waves in this frame
It's frenzy, won the dancing game
Beautiful blue waters invading brown earth.
The water is like a child; free
Always expanding its width 
Yet it is nothing like man
Because It's freedom cannot be restrained
And it has no responsibility to chaos.
It wrecks the beach
Swallows the trees.
It is excited at its freedom.

Freedom again is as the wind
That raises the dust into my eyes
And scatters the dirt at the market place.

Freedom is the black cloud that
Travels with the rain scaring sunshine
With rumbling sound. 

I was pleased how my mind's eye
Read the captured moment of time;
Nature in its reign
But I was glad because it was
Rather Freedom, in a frame.