Never Forget

Written by: Autumn Page

I was picking invisible lent off my shirt
While you awkwardly shuffled your feet in the dirt
With every step we took, we distanced ourselves more
Silence played softly in the background until we finally reached your door
I much rather prefer a casual goodbye, but I know that is just not your way
Then I feel your arms squeezing me tight as you whisper in my ear and ask me to stay
I want to, but the air isn't inviting enough
And if I don't leave now, I'll miss the bus
So I take a step back and take one last good look at you
I smile and feel that old feeling again, a feeling I wish I never knew
Because if I didn't know it, I wouldn't be crying as I watch pavement pass
Every mile more down the road, was my heart slipping through an hourglass
Squeezed tight through a space so small, and worn down by time
Oh darling, how this feeling makes me wish you were never mine
So take these words and imbed them in your head
Just like those damned memories of us, I know, I'll never forget