Summer wishes

Written by: Eiken Laan

As I laze on my lounger
on a warm June day,
I hear 
a choir of bees bumbling,
wind lisping through leaves,
doves cuddling, courting,
the chink of cups
tea pouring,
birdsong circling,
the cat purring
and I close my eyes

I wish 
I was the yellow rose
wrapped around the bower
surrounded by budding friendships
so sweetly scented.

I wish 
I was the purple clematis
dawdling on the trellis
sipping on sweet raindrops
cupped deep in her bosom.

I wish 
I was the pink snapdragon
Peeping through the lavender
bees buzzing her,
gossiping all day long.

I wish 
I was a raspberry
snoozing in the bushes,
plump ruby lips
ripe with juicy kisses.

I wish 
I was the red maple
long glossy hair
tossed curls tumbling free
flowing with the breeze.

How nice to wake up
to my darling asking
“do I wish
to have a cup of tea.”?
I reply, 
I wish.....

MMC © 2011