Happy Anniversary

Written by: Terrell Martin

To my Wife, Minnie, married September 26, 1981

Here’s wishing a Happy Anniversary 
To my nearest, dearest friend;
Who’s been right here beside me 
For years and years on end.
You’ve helped me climb a few ladders
Of success during difficult times;
When others didn’t believe in me 
You were my shadow right behind.
Everything I did and said 
Rather I was right or wrong;
Believing in me always
When I was weak or strong.
You lifted me and gave me strength 
When no one else was there;
And called me names like “Sweetie Pie”
To show how much you cared.  
We had some fun and raised our young
To have faith and believe that wishes;
Come true in the end if we have a few friends 
As I found in you and all your kisses.
The years have passed and we have lasted 
Longer than most would have guessed;
And all I can say is 
Happy Anniversary today 
To the one that I’ve loved best.