Talk about girls

Written by: Muyideen Ayinla

Let's talk about girls
And their dainty spells.
Let's talk about them
Like we talk of our priceless gem.
Let's talk about the damsel-
Whose heart was our lone cell.

We will talk up in our dorm
and their subject our moment's rum
Getting our lungs filled with love's fantasies
Basking in the aura of  feminine charm
Every words said a healing balm. 

Let's talk about girls
And their undaunted love
Let's talk about beauty
Entwined in masculine duty.

Let's talk about the girl
As we hallucinate of our wedding bell.
Talk of how she makes you smile
And how she drives you nut for a while

We are young and prime
A talk about her isn't a crime.
When the day seems tense
And you seems to have lost some sense
Talk about the girl you love
Whose arm is your resting place.

Let's talk about girls
Her dark hair and sparkling teeth
The smoothness of her skin-
And the dimple up her chin.

Talk, before someone else does
Implore this moment to her or through the door she goes.
Tell us of how to love you fall
And how on bended knees you proposed it all.

Talk about girls
Talk about the love she bore.
Talk about girls,
Talk about her love the more and more.