Screening Process

Written by: karl marszalowicz

"Screening Process"
They overtake, they overcome
Making us forget where we are from

Expansion of a new world means contraction of another 
through unauthentic, pixilated possibilities 
While pioneers stay in cubicles these days
They refuse to compute, losing touch, losing touch

Experience depends on going with the flow
 Of electricity, pay the bill to get a thrill
how much absence of the outside do we need?
Our hearts have grown fond enough.
If we are taking one step forward, 
Why does it feel like two steps back?

Sitting down we are planted, grounded 
The sedentary seed supposed to grow, I merely

Wish to wash technology away
 Doused in sheets and the rain of regret
To touch and smell and get a taste of the real
Let's go play a game of catch.