Nothing Left

Written by: Matt Daniels

It only seems as if the shadows hear my words,
Sketching through my life,
Leaving scars written across my body.
Seeking the blood, 
That seems to be the only thing moving forward in life.
Conversations, with my imagination.
Looking throughout the deserted lands.
Turning to any resort ahead.

No where to go.
Nothing to seek.
Nothing to be heard.

The only attention my eyes appear to get,
Is the menacing outline of the dusts outcasts.
Lying my head down in shame.
As I linger my way back to what I have forever known as,
Voices getting more tense as I move ahead,
The stench of death crawling through my nose.
I look around,
To see lost souls linger around.
Desperate to move on,
But where else do they plan on going?
That one day, one countless night,
That will be my soul.

I can turn back,
But I drag my feet near the ledge,
And let gravity take my life.
Letting the winds annihilate what's left of my soul.